Building Blocks for a Successful Recruiting Relationship

  • Relationships: 

    We take pride in establishing long –term relationships built on mutual respect and trust with the professionals we are recruiting, as well as, our clients and the leaders that are tasked with building and improving those organizations. One of the key benefits of Bryan’s long running focus in the ERP space (Over 10 years) is that he has been able to cultivate and nurture relationships across North America with the leading professionals within this channel. The folks we will be targeting on your behalf know who Bryan Ray is, know the approach that DynamicsFocus utilizes, and are receptive to hearing about select opportunities because they understand it is a worthwhile endeavor. We only reach out to them if specific opportunities align closely with the key criteria they have previously outlined for us.

  • Good Fit:

    We work really hard to ensuring there is a good fit on both sides. We conduct a thorough vetting process via telephone interviews, as well as, written correspondence and confirmation to be sure we fully understand the individual’s background, goals and objectives. We do the same thing with our clients and only proceed with presentation if they align. We also will not present candidates to more than 1 client at a time. We want them to be focused specifically on your opportunity and organization fully while under consideration.

  • Thorough Screening:

    Along the same vein, we are not going to inundate our client contacts with resumes or profiles with the hopes of finding something close enough. We thoroughly vet each candidate prior to each submission and strive to provide the 3 most qualified candidates per position so that you do have luxury of choice, but also can feel confident that the time and effort you spend with each candidate will be worthwhile.

  • Communication:

    Upon initial presentation of a candidates credentials, we provide a separate document called a “Candidate Profile” that they fill out which includes critical data that is typically not included on the resume. This includes: compensation history, functions/roles they are most interested in now, reasons for the last 3 employment changes, logistics details such as willingness to travel and relocate, etc.

  • After each interview, we will follow up with you, as well as, the candidate to debrief in order to raise any potential challenges or concerns from either party and to assist in answering any questions. Our goal is to eliminate any and all surprises as early as possible in the interview process.
  • Targeted Representation:

    We ensure that the candidate is specifically interested in your organization and respective opportunity prior to presentation which includes verbal disclosure, as well as, referencing my client’s website so they have an opportunity to conduct their own due diligence. Most of the folks we work with are at the senior level and often-times working for direct competitors, so it is of paramount importance that all 3 parties involved are on the same page at all times.

  • Partnership Approach:

    The success I have with my clients is directly in correlation with the amount of cooperation and communication between us. The more information you can provide me both at the onset of a search campaign, and throughout the interview and offer cycles, the more the more effective we will be in first identifying the best candidates and secondly and just importantly eliciting their interest in exploring opportunities with you.

  • Conversely, when we are in the process of sharing your opportunity to the Dynamics community, I will be sure to provide you with feedback on perceptions of your organization I am receiving or even potential concerns that are being brought to my attention. I like to think of myself as an extension to your Marketing/Public Relations team and will work with you to first understand what those perceptions may be, and second, to correct them if they are not valid.

I realize sometimes the only criteria of importance to an organization is short-term cost. If that is your situation at the moment, we are probably not the best approach to your recruiting efforts at this time. Our service is not a commodity model, but we have found that the thoroughness we provide ends up costing our clients much less over time. Nigel Frank may provide more attractive pricing options, but based on the feedback I have received, you will not experience the building blocks of recruiting success I outlined above.