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Poaching VARs at a competitor’s conference has become standard practice. But when Acumatica showed up this week offering free coffee at Sage Summit, events took a different turn. Reportedly, Sage presented Acumatica with a $10,000 bill since it has a non-compete clause with Mandalay Bay where the conference is being held this week.

However, Acumatica’s position is apparently that the coffee bar is in the “Border Grill” which leases space from Mandalay, but which is independent. Anyway, Sage personnel threatened to return with an attorney. What Sage did succeed in doing is force Acumatica to keep all involved in the coffee pitch inside the “Border Grill” and posted a lookout to make sure that mandate is enforced and to note the number of people who are being naughty with a competitor on its watch. Maybe this is why, even though NetSuite is reportedly on site, I have not seen anyone from that company.

I was unable to find anyone at the Acumatica coffee bar who was authorized to speak for the company. Sage must remember last year at the Gaylord when Acumatica showed up with some leggy models at a bar and many people, including some Sage employees, were only too happy to pose for photos.