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Bob Scott reporting in his weekly Insights column.

KeyedIn Solutions has launched its KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP, an application the company says comes with an open API for easy integration to other systems and applications. Modules include Sales, Quoting and Estimating, Purchasing, Scheduling and Production and Manufacturing Resource Planning, and Shipping. The product was described in a prepared statement by Kevin Hurley, KeyedIn EVP of technology. “We even put planning back into ERP with the industry’s most powerful manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) tool that provides instant visibility into both the supply and demand side, as well as progress toward available to promise,” he said. KeyedIn emphasizes the product is a native cloud application and took a job at hosted systems as represented having an old car on a new highway. The company also touted its dynamic configurability, which it says gives users the ability to alter workflows and add processes, change views and forms and customize the application to fit processes.