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Bob Scott reporting in his weekly Insights column.

Blackbaud has declared a sweeping new approach to how its software applications relate to the market and each other. The Charleston, S.C.-based nonprofit software vendor is implementing an open development platform, along with rolling out a consistent user interface across its applications. “Blackbaud solutions were once closed and difficult to integrate with,” CEO Mike Gianoni said during this week’s first-quarter earnings webcast. The company has branded its cloud platform Blackbaud Sky, which kicked off with the recently introduced NXT generation of products, and is also developing a user interface called Sky UX which Gianoni says will be made “available to our partners as an source development resource” and which will provide a common look across the product line. Also coming is Sky API, an open integration platform which will provide open APIs and a comprehensive resources for customizing, extending, integrating Blackbaud applications. Gianoni said full SDKs will be available “over time” and promised Sky API will provide a “multi-tenant architecture where appropriate and open source where best used.” Sky API is in technical preview with the API supporting the NXT line entering the Early Adopter Program in 2016 Technical review of Sky UX with partners will begin early next year.