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Bob Scott reporting in his weekly Insights column.

Microsoft has not issued statistics about Microsoft Business Solutions, the organization that has pretty much disappeared, in a long time. But on his LinkedIn page, former MBS head Kirill Tatarinov said that MBS “was a $2B business unit developing and marketing the family of Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions”. Since Tatarinov has more than 500 LinkedIn connections, this is not exactly a secret. Tatarinov said in his tenure of eight years and four months that he doubled revenue, which fits previously known information. The last time Microsoft broke out MBS revenue was for the year ended July 31, 2006 and the number given was $919 million so that $2 billion report fits rather nicely. His profile also said that during his tenure MBS “dramatically increased profitability, achieved broad scale with 7M active business users and 400,000 lifetime customers, transformed the product portfolio to a modern cloud-based business solutions.” With his departure in October, Dynamics is supposed to have become simply another product line with Microsoft, not a separately entity.