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Bob Scott reporting in his weekly Insights column.

Sage Group CEO Steve Kelly said this week that “nearly 40 percent of the top 100” employees in his company are new since he took over his job a year ago. If you have followed the items in the last two newsletters, there has been a flood of new names—almost all unannounced, but you can follow the trail through LinkedIn. During this week’s 2015 earnings webcast, Kelly said “a majority are experience new joiners, complimented by a number of internal promotions.” Anyway, the X3 management team has clearly been one of the areas to get a lot of work as has management in France, Spain and South Africa. (We’re still waiting for a North American CEO.) The software company also seems to have created a lot of global VPs at Kelly seeks to end the company’s traditional country-by-country operating model. He referred to implementation of the new model in Great Britain and France. Going for a consistent approach means the number of sales compensation plans have been reduced from 129 to four and the number of performance management systems went from 90 to one. Kelly also noted, “We are now measuring net promoter scores on a global basis, something we have never done in a constant way before.” The company has also introduced a global partner program, but so far the details on that remain sketchy, However, they apply to the three global products: Sage One, Live and X-3.