Microsoft Dynamics vs. Netsuite – Who Will Win?

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By:  Soumen Siddhata

Microsoft Dynamics vs. Netsuite – Who Will Win? This question is confusing everyone. But in this article we will find the correct answer about this question.

NetSuite is a top selling marketplace ERP solution thanks to its packed cloud functionality that simplifies deployment and reduces upfront IT costs and speeds up. Additionally it is the reason they necessarily decide to leave NetSuite while this is what drives many companies to pick a NetSuite option. NetSuite lacks a vital element for organizations attempting to prosper in a dynamic market: flexibility.

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The Facts about NetSuite NetSuite is a cloud-based, integrated solution covering CRM, ERP, and ecommerce abilities which are mainly delivered from one data center. Its Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model leverages a web interface which makes the program accessible from any internet-enabled hardware and can reduce an organization’s reliance on IT infrastructure and management, which may lead to cost savings. NetSuite OneWorld supports multilingual, multinational, and multi-auxiliary organizations and is available at an added price.

Their organization has transformed along with their functionality demands for their ERP solution since implementing the alternative. Nevertheless, they can be locked in their present program with NetSuite and not able to adapt the functionality of the system.

It is a standard issue for users that are NetSuite. Another issue this organization will soon be faced with is information loss that is likely. Because NetSuite basically “owns”? The information in its cloud, migrating and recovering fiscal data to a fresh alternative is extremely tough.

What Exactly Does This Mean to You Personally?

In case your company doesn’t need one for any reason and doesn’t possess a solid technology infrastructure, then a ERP SaaS solution like the NetSuite is able to help you conserve on prices with their user-based subscription pricing. In case you choose to migrate at any given point away from NetSuite, you might not have the ability to keep or obtain your historical data. Also, since NetSuite is a multitenant environment, they control when and how place is taken by upgrades to their option, which might cause inconvenient company disruptions for you. Other company gaps beyond your control could happen in case of a catastrophe impacting NetSuite’s central data center (which is situated in a place known for seismic activity).

Streamlined business process and integration

Here is the actual killer that frequently stops an evaluation dead in its tracks. NetSuite has a fantastic image it uses to reveal how an Dynamics GP execution is a “hairball” of pricey and hard to handle disparate merchandise and technologies while NetSuite is a tasteful amalgam of easily interoperating parts.

But it’s an essential image that establishes the idea a Dynamics GP execution will be a costly hodgepodge of incorporated parts that are hard to handle elements while the NetSuite solution consists of easily.

Do facts stack up to this image? Here is how the various elements of a NetSuite option compare to a Microsoft Dynamics GP option:



–Google Docs/Email


–NetSuite ERP

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Dynamics GP:

–Microsoft SQL Server

–Microsoft Office

–Microsoft SharePoint

–Microsoft Dynamics GP

It is no wonder this organization is seeking a fresh ERP solution that supplies all of them with flexibility and the agility to fulfill their business needs in the future and now. The option they may be considering to satisfy this need is Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Facts about Microsoft Dynamics GP Microsoft Dynamics GP offers both an on premise and associate hosted solution that integrates with CRM, Business Intelligence and cooperation tools, and familiar Microsoft applications including Excel and Outlook. It contains out-of-the-box functionality to handle multiple businesses and places, even across multiple states.

Dynamics GP is an excellent fit for this organization for the reason that it gives them the capacity to select whether they need it deployed on premise (on their own servers) or in the cloud. Should they select a cloud deployment of Dynamics GP, they are going to have all of the business leading ERP abilities of the on premise deployment but using a predictable and affordable per user monthly subscription. Whether this organization selects Dynamics GP, they’ll keep complete control above their business information so they incorporate with other business options are easily able to migrate between deployment sorts should they want, or move to a fresh option later on.

What Exactly Does This Mean to You Personally?

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides the ability of control and choice. In the event you have invested in IT infrastructure or need an on premise installation, that’s accessible to you personally. Should you not have those investments or needs, you can choose an associate hosted delivery system that might lead to some cost savings for your company. In case your organization demands an end to end option, Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP are closely aligned with bidirectional data flow in real-time. In the event you do not have those needs, you will not be paying for CRM functionality that you aren’t using. Also, you can save well on training costs as a result of user experience that is similar that Office is shared with by Dynamics GP. Having an on premise or an associate hosted option gets you in control of wherever your information is saved, upgrades take place, and the way that it’s regained in case of a catastrophe.

When businesses are making a determination this important they should consider several variables:

Functionality: Which merchandise does the greatest job assisting you to handle your business processes that are most important? Which product is suitable to fulfill your present wants, and which merchandise appears best suited to empower future growth into new places?

Flexibility: Which option is easily tailored to your present company practices? Which option will enable changes to be made by you as your company keeps growing and shift?

Affordability: Which option can you afford upfront, and more to the point, which option will provide the most effective price/benefit ratio as time passes to your organization?

Seller Equilibrium: Which applications seller is headed in the correct way with their product development and support? Are there any businesses on your own short list who might not be around to support your merchandise later on?

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Over 40,000 customers have selected Dynamics GP because of its deep functionality. Unlike end user customization tools are provided by GP in addition to over 2,000 certified dealers that are capable to help customers additional as demands arise.

Microsoft Dynamics vs. Netsuite – Conclusion

Netsuite is cloud whereas Dynamics GP supplies for a hosted or On Assumption surroundings based. A mixed environment can be chosen by an organization with Dynamics GP or alter the surroundings over time as the business model changes. With Netsuite a business is locked into one system of installation.