Data capture technology to enhance auto sales

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A data-capture-and-authentication specialist is teaming with an innovator in automotive consulting to create an unusual new sales solution for US auto dealerships. Acuant, which has developed the auto-data fill technology solution Acufill, is integrating its system with services offered by NewTech Automotive. Their new service will help sales associates at dealerships to auto-populate critical information into dealerships’ CRM systems.
The new offering will work on both Android and iOS mobile devices, enabling quick and easy capture of IDs before customers go for test drives, helping to enhance both the customer experience and the accuracy of data for dealerships. It removes the need for customers to wait while their ID is copied or data is manually entered.
Acuant’s solution will allow information to be encrypted – data is not stored locally or on mobile devices, thereby addressing compliance concerns. The technology also allows for the authentication and verification of customer identities with third party systems, identifying counterfeit IDs and reducing fraud.
Acuant specializes in the provision of comprehensive identity verification services, which meet the various levels of risk and assurance required in a wide range of industry sectors. Its technology turns data intake into a business-enhancing proposition, while also reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions. Its intelligent engineering can work in any industry environment compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, Hybrid and HTML-5.
“The automotive sales process is undergoing a significant digital transformation as dealerships embrace new mobile CRM technologies that bring sales associates closer to their customers to improve the entire buying process from the initial test drive to the final sale,” says Yossi Zekri, president and CEO of Acuant.
Key Takeaways:
• Improving the workflows around initial client registration has been proven to increase Customer Satisfaction Index Scores (CSI), thereby leading to higher sales volume.
• NewTech Automotive Services is regarded as one of the industry’s leading innovators in technology, consulting, vehicle management and financial services.
• It focuses on helping car dealers to add more volume and gross by proving technologies that save time and money, systematizing dealership operations.