Petrosoft Partners With Saint Vincent College To Accelerate Growth And Help Students Meet Their Professional Goals

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Petrosoft, a global provider of end-to-end retail solutions, announces it has partnered with Saint Vincent College, an innovative provider of higher learning and an SAP University Alliance member. The partnership helps to accelerate the growth of the company’s Petrosoft Enterprise powered by SAP Business One’s implementation and support team. Students enrolled in the Alex G. McKenna School at Saint Vincent College’s SAP Business One® program obtain real-world business experience by completing an internship with Petrosoft.

With Petrosoft’s technology, retailers obtain real-time information by automating the collection, distribution, and analysis of facility-level data from transactions, equipment, and sensors. Students will learn how these solutions can solve complex business problems through hardware, software, cloud-platforms, and ERP solutions. Students will also learn how the industry is being transformed by the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Alex G. McKenna School at Saint Vincent College certification in SAP Business One® helps students broaden their business understanding by providing real-work experience. As a member of the SAP University Alliance, Saint Vincent’s program offers students a combination of classroom training, hands-on experience, and an internship so they can be prepared to contribute their knowledge of and experience with this integrated management solution.

“We are impressed by the program offered by Saint Vincent College and the enthusiasm of its students. Petrosoft is proud to help these students gain experience with a product that we know will help to transform the retail industry,” said Sergei Gorloff, CEO and President of Petrosoft.

“The Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government at Saint Vincent College is honored to add Petrosoft as another partner in conjunction with our 10-year participation in the SAP University Alliance program,” commented Robert A. Markley Jr., Carpenter Technology – Latrobe Specialty Metals Sponsored Lecturer in Business Administration. “We are excited to offer our students this excellent opportunity for internships which will likely lead to high-paying, full-time careers in the SAP ecosystem. It’s yet another win-win for our students!”