Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Key to Boost your Customer Experience

By:  Mrunal Chockshi

Exceptional customer experience drives the success for any business today. It is essential for COMPANIES to offer state-of-the-art product or service experience to keep the customers loyal to their brand. They are required to not only monitor customer’s behavior but also respond at the right time to understand what drives the customer and offer a great customer experience. Monitoring client behavior through a CRM (Client Relationship Management) solution automates the entire sales process, enhances customer experience and encourages customer loyalty. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps deliver a seamless client service.

CRM consulting services help offer engaging customer experience and strengthen your relationship with the customers through a repository of vital customer information like purchase pattern, product preference and other factors which affect customer’s buying behavior. CRM also assists the sales team in keeping track of vital statistics. CRM acts a single source for all product & transactions related information and communications, which helps the customer support desk to quickly access the information and respond to customer’s query instantly.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great tool to streamline the company’s marketing efforts like online promotions, social media interactions and more. The data captured in the CRM serves as the base for understanding your customers’ preferences and their choice of products or services The CRM data help monitor and evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns, whether the target is the right set of the audience and how is their reaction. It provides statistics of the result of the effort and helps make strategies for other marketing activities.

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Let’s look at some of the other ways in which Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps boost the customer experience:

  • CRM accelerates the decision-making ability of the team by making the sales, profit & revenue numbers available whenever and wherever required.
  • It improves inter-department coordination and helps the sales, marketing, operations and other teams work in sync to achieve the organizational goals.
  • The MS CRM serves as the one-stop destination for every information about the in & out of the company and can be accessible to everyone in the organization.
  • It systematically sorts client interactions and integrates with various third-party tools for monitoring customer behavior and feedback.
  • MS CRM boosts customer retention and increases revenue by addressing the all the customer queries promptly and efficiently.
  • It helps identify potential sales opportunities through the marketing leads and other data available in the system.

The Dynamics CRM comes with business intelligence features to give employees insights of how the sales, marketing, and customer support team can achieve their individual as well as team goals.

Conclusion – MS Dynamics CRM is a great way to know your end customer and improve the product or service experience at every stage of the selling process. The benefits offered by this client relationship management solution accelerate the sales and take your customer experience to the next level.