Dynamic CRM Allows You to Deliver Just Exactly What the Customer Wants!

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By:  James Warner

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been jumping up the popularity curve quite rapidly specially after the introduction of the latest version. Microsoft Dynamics 365. A Unified User interface for all the platforms is not the only big hit of the latest version, in fact, Dynamics 365 has evolved from every corner. From a better platform to manage customer interactions to a much more advanced marketing campaign creator, Dynamics 365 has transformed the CRM market!

As we know that the core of Dynamics CRM functionality is customer relationship management. Hence, it allows the users to record each and every customer touch point including the appointments, email or phone interactions, letters, faxes, etc. to create a single sight of that particular customer.

This allows the users to access all the required information whenever the customer comes to seek assistance. And, the captured information helps the customer support rep to offer a much valuable and deep resolution to the customer. The recorded information also helps the customer support and the other teams to understand the customer behaviors and requirements. Therefore, it becomes easy to cater to the specific needs of the customer.

Microsoft dynamics has special programs to fetch important analytics as well. These analytics can be further drilled down to get the exact customer demands and needs. Hence, it becomes easy for the companies to cater to the specific demands of the customer.

It is believed that companies who focus on the problem solving module have a higher rate of success. For example, say your company deals in dairy products. And, you have been doing well since years. But, now you have started receiving a lot of questions about low fat products. Though, at the moment you do not produce low fat products, but a large volume of queries related to the same may give you a direction to add on the low fat variety as well. Increasing number of customer queries regarding low fat dairy products may give you a hint of the probable market that can be tapped easily through effective sales and marketing strategies. Also, some of your regular customers might also start switching to other companies, who manufacture low fat products, and this can be another reason to add on this variety of products to your catalogue.

Hence, customer interactions and relationship management helps in a great way to know about the future of the business as well. Many a time’s customers even acquaint you with certain business gaps or products flaws that you had no clue about. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain healthy and interactive customer relationships to grow in the long run.

Dynamics 365 has three wide-ranging functional units: Service or the Customer Support, Sales and Marketing. The major difference between the three is the Framework which enables the customers and associates to quickly build Extended CRM apps, popularly known as xRM applications.

xRM applications are mostly industry or vertical specific solutions, like inhabitant or student services management. The apps can also be relationship centric like specifically for seller or vendor management, exclusive rights management, employee self-service as well as asset management. The essential workloads as well as the extended CRM apps make use of the declarative quick application development framework that offers the fundamental relationships, connections, procedures and insights.

The digital age has made it extremely important for the marketing professionals to strategize, execute, and review campaigns very smoothly from start to the end. Microsoft Dynamics allows the users to engage the customers in order to bring the marketing vision to life. It also helps the marketers to pump up the marketing plans around one tactic which is as agile as the marketer. Plus, the options to design the campaign makes it all the more easy for the marketers to design exactly what the customer wants.

Microsoft CRM development has a lot of features to maintain a fruitful relationship with the customer. Not just that, it even helps the companies to strengthen the bonds with the help of efficient management, and effective use of the customer analytics. Even the analytics received via Dynamics CRM help the sales and marketing teams to craft campaigns as per the target audience.