Lyft business employs Salesforce solutions to boost customer engagement, loyalty

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Lyft Business has employed Salesforce’s Pardot and Sales Cloud solution to help drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Salesforce Pardot and Sales Cloud provides Lyft Business with a single platform that can help foster alignment between marketing and sales tasks such as discovering prospects, converting leads and boosting customer loyalty and engagement, Salesforce announced Thursday.

“Lyft Business works with organizations of all types—from healthcare organizations to consulting firms and universities,” Lyft Business head of marketing Samantha Goldman said in news release. “With Salesforce, we’re able to deliver a personalized experience for each of our prospects and customers.

“No matter the company size or industry, we’re now able to more seamlessly create a better customer experience.”

With Salesforce Pardot and Sales Cloud, Salesforce said that Lyft Business can gain an enhanced understanding of their customers so that they can engage the “right buyers, with the right content, at the right time.”

Furthermore, in the news release, the company also said that the Lyft Business marketing team and sales team can now perform more tasks collectively.

“Now, the Lyft Business marketing team and sales team are able to work together closer than ever before, with access to the same data, along with real-time information on prospects, leads and customers—to build customer loyalty,” Salesforce said.