Hitachi Solutions America Launches Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation Program

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd., a leading provider of global industry solutions powered by the Microsoft Cloud, announces the launch of its Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation, a pre-configured retail solution that can be deployed within just 16 weeks.

Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation is an accelerated program that delivers a faster time to market and return on investment (ROI). Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation utilizes a proven methodology with milestones and deliverables that ensure quality and control scope. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation enables retailers to adapt to the reality of connected consumers and their changing demands.

“We’ve taken the core functionality of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail solution and combined it with tools and techniques to create a faster deployment,” said Deb Marotta, Vice President, Retail, Hitachi Solutions America. “We know how vital it is that our retail customers have these tools and capabilities to compete and the faster, the better. That’s what motivated us to explore ways to expedite the deployment and implementation process; we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to accomplish just that without having to sacrifice any of the feature-rich functionality associated with Dynamics 365 for Retail.”

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In addition to helping retailers get their systems up and operational quickly, Fast-Tracked Retail Implementations enables large retail organizations to perform Proof of Value testing to get a thorough understanding of the solution and how to develop a comprehensive implementation plan. Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation’s full Microsoft Dynamics 365 feature set provides a strong foundation for retail awareness, data analytics, and transformation. This foundation enables retailers to gain greater insight into their customer database, streamline operational processes, harness the latest in technological innovations, and create a truly seamless omnichannel experience — all of which are key aspects of achieving digital transformation.

“Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword — it’s a practical necessity to survive in the current digital economy, especially in the retail industry,” said Marotta. “Our goal with Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation is to streamline the implementation of foundational solutions so that our customers can focus on developing a strategy to digitally transform their operating model and business processes. We want to help our customers find their competitive advantage and differentiate themselves. Consider this one stop on your roadmap to future retail technology.”

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