MCA Connect Launches Strategic Microsoft Dynamics Support Offering, MCA Advantage

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MCA Connect, a global systems integrator and Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, announces today the launch of MCA Advantage, their upgraded support offering. This new offering is a step-up from traditional managed services and is designed to maximize clients’ Microsoft investment while minimizing the burden on internal resources.

MCA Connect is breaking away from traditional managed services that other companies deliver and now offers a flexible and dedicated application management and optimization approach to customers, bridging the gap between project-based consulting services and traditional managed services. For a set fee, the MCA Advantage team provides proactive guidance and reactive support for your Microsoft environment.

“MCA Connect’s goal with this new offering is to optimize our clients’ current environments to give them the competitive edge they want,” says Claude Watson, CEO of MCA Connect. “With MCA Advantage, we act as your trusted advisor, providing strategic technology leadership and guidance, as well as software support.”

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Solution highlights of MCA Advantage include application management, application optimization, and advanced analytics. Clients receive unlimited Dynamics 365 support, upgrade “sprints” to keep their application up-to-date, KPI monitoring, and more. The result? Improved business operations and technology at a predictable cost giving their clients a competitive edge.

About MCA Connect

MCA Connect is a global systems integrator and Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner that delivers and supports operational transformation to help clients achieve a competitive advantage. Our experience proves companies to be most successful when they continually invest in and optimize their applications, and MCA Advantage will help them accomplish this. By combining product and industry expertise with proven strategic methods, MCA Connect consistently delivers innovative solutions that help clients realize their vision.