How Field Service Is Transforming The Future

Field service changes as technology changes. Paper-based, on-site systems have given way to field service management software and cloud-linked solutions. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, unmanned systems, and more will continue to reshape business models and customer experience touchpoints within field service and manufacturing. These revolutionary technologies can help manufacturers generate greater revenue and improve the overall customer experience.

The future of field service and manufacturing is already in place at many companies. Sandvik Coromant, a manufacturer of cutting tools and services for the metal-cutting industry, sought to elevate its service-side business by developing a solution that connects to the Azure IoT cloud to collect data in real-time and to mine data like temperature, load, and vibration out of the machining process.

Additionally, Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented reality (the overlaying/superimposing of computer images on a user’s real world) product. HoloLens is currently helping 24,000 Thyssenkrupp field service technicians and other employees with training, development, and access to subject-matter experts while on-site with clients.