Microsoft Monday: 1.5 Billion Windows-Powered PCs, Xbox Game Pass For PC, Fake Ad Removed From Bing

By:  Amit Chowdhry

“Microsoft Monday” is a weekly column that focuses on all things Microsoft. This week “Microsoft Monday” features news about Xbox Game Pass coming to PCs, the fake Chrome ad removed from Bing, the quarterly earnings report and much more!

Xbox Game Pass For PCs

Microsoft has announced that it is bringing the Xbox Game Pass platform to PCs. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for the Xbox One console, which is known as a “Netflix for video games.” This announcement was made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during the recent earnings call, according to Windows Central. However, a timeline was not provided for the launch of Xbox Game Pass on PCs.

Forbes contributor Jason Evangelho also pointed out that Microsoft did not detail how Microsoft would integrate Xbox Games Pass into Windows 10, but he is guessing that it will either be built into the Xbox app for Windows 10 or the Windows Store.

Fake Chrome Download Ad Removed From Bing

Microsoft has taken down a fake Bing ad that directed users to a fake Chrome download page filled with malicious content. The ad was removed following a number of complaints.

According to HowToGeek, the ad was sending users to ““ The Google Chrome browser blocked users from going to that site, but Microsoft Edge and Bing did not have it blocked at the time.

“Protecting customers from malicious content is a top priority and we have removed the ads from Bing and banned the associated account. We encourage users to continue to report this type of content so we can take appropriate action,” said a Microsoft spokesperson via ZDNet.

Often times, search engine developers rely on reports from users to take down malicious content. It’s worth mentioning that a similar problem happened with Google AdWords. “Search ad phishing seems up across multiple engines,” wrote Mozilla and Firefox co-founder Brendan Eich in a tweet.

Quarterly Earnings Report

Microsoft announced its FY Q1 earnings on Wednesday, October 24th and the results were better than expected. For the three months ended September 30th, Microsoft reported $29.1 billion in revenue, which is up 19% from the same period a year earlier. And Microsoft’s net income increased 34% to $8.8 billion.

Microsoft is now including commercial LinkedIn revenue in its Commercial Cloud revenue numbers, which is the division that includes the Redmond giant’s Azure business. The Commercial Cloud business jumped 47% from the previous year to $8.5 billion. Based on that figure, Microsoft gained a lead over Amazon as the world’s leading enterprise cloud provider for the past 12 months according to Forbes contributor Bob Evans. Revenue for Azure went up 76% and the enterprise services revenue increased 6%.

“We are off to a great start in fiscal 2019, a result of our innovation and the trust customers are placing in us to power their digital transformation,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “We’re excited to help our customers build the digital capability they need to thrive and grow, with a business model that is fundamentally aligned to their success.”

The revenue for Microsoft’s More Personal Computing division increased 15% to $10.7 billion. This division includes Windows OEM, Windows commercial products, gaming revenue, search ad revenue and Surface revenue.

And revenue for the Productivity and Business Processes division jumped 19% to $9.8 billion. This division includes Office commercial products, Office consumer products and Dynamics products.

Former Windows Head Terry Myerson To Join Investment Companies

Terry Myerson stepped down as the head of Windows at Microsoft earlier this year and it was not clear what he was planning for the next move. On a LinkedIn blog post via ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Myerson has announced what he is doing next. Myerson is joining both Madrona Ventures and The Carlyle Group. Myerson will work as a Venture Partner at Madrona and he will be an Operating Executive at The Carlyle Group.

Myerson pointed out that Madrona likes to lead Series A rounds of brand new ventures and Carlyle manages over $200 billion and considers investing hundreds of millions of dollars to scale existing businesses. So Myerson will be working on startup investments across a wide range of sizes.

1.5 Billion Windows Devices

Microsoft said that there are now 1.5 billion PCs running on Windows across the world. This number was revealed in Microsoft’s “By The Numbers” website. Other figures mentioned in the website includes Microsoft donating over $1.4 billion in software and services for nonprofits, 137 grants issued by the company’s “AI for Earth” initiative, 6.5 trillion signals analyzed every day to identify threats and 18 billion questions asked to Cortana since launching.

LinkedIn Integrates With Google Campaign Manager

LinkedIn has announced that it is being integrated with Google Campaign Manager. Marketers will now be able to see LinkedIn ad performance along with the rest of their paid spend while also getting attribution for LinkedIn ads across all impressions and interactions measured in a cross-device and cross-platform manner. This integration was launched for several ad formats earlier this year, but it now includes Sponsored Content.

“Our customers use Campaign Manager to track and report on their ad performance in a single place, and we are really excited to offer this capability for their LinkedIn campaigns as well,” said Google Marketing Platform’s Director of Product Payam Shodjai via LinkedIn. “This new integration makes it easy for customers to see metrics and attribution for LinkedIn campaigns alongside the rest of their campaign data.”