SuiteRetail Launches SuitePOS Version 3 for Retailers using NetSuite and Salesforce

SuitePOS simplifies in-store operations by revolutionizing the selling experience at the point of sale. This means employees can be up and running on fixed-lane or mobile terminals in short order and shoppers experience

SuitePOS Version 3 is the biggest release to date; myriads of new features have been introduced that increase revenue, improve in-store operations and streamlines the customer experience

SuitePOS simplifies in-store operations by revolutionizing the selling experience at the point of sale. This means employees can be up and running on fixed-lane or mobile terminals in short order and shoppers experience fast and efficient checkout. In other words, the shoppers are happy and so are the clerks.

This is achieved by running on the latest Apple iPad and iPhone devices, partnering with modern payment processors such as Square, and deeply embedding the SuitePOS App into major cloud platforms that run all other business functions.

With mid-market and enterprise retailers such as Sugarfina, Rally House and Murray’s Cheese, a balance between simplicity and features is a priority. SuitePOS Version 3 represents this balance with an additional focus on increasing store revenue.

Sales Order Module

Retailers can now take in-store orders (with a deposit) that are fulfilled and shipped later. This improves sales, reduces the chances of the shopper going to another store and can significantly lower in-store inventory levels.

Square Installments

SuitePOS is now fully integrated with Square Installments. This means shoppers can obtain credit approval at the point-of-sale and thereby spread their payments over time. Once processed, the transaction seamlessly ends up in NetSuite or Salesforce – far removed from the tedious and inefficient in-store credit application process that is used today.

Quick Service Module

With the new Quick Service module, printed tickets can now be sent to the kitchen (or prep areas) based on items purchased. This module is ideal for fast food kiosks, juice bars and other retailers that require a Quick Service experience within the store.

Improved Customer Management

SuitePOS Version 3 represents a leap in how customer data is managed. The main benefit of running solutions like NetSuite and Salesforce is that they serve as one system of record. This means customers can be marketed to using one point of truth.

Customer management has been improved so that phone numbers, email, physical addresses and various custom metrics can now be collected at the point of sale with ease.

Better customer information means a more personal touch for shoppers, and ultimately, better targeted marketing.

Default Dynamic Options Improvements

Dynamic Options (aka. Kitting, Modifiers) is a valuable feature for anyone that sells items with many free or paid-for options or configurations. In short, it takes the guesswork out of ringing up sales of complex, custom or add-on items. This module has been enhanced by introducing the ability to default an item for each option. This makes the already fast checkout process even faster

Support for the Star mCollection Printers

Star mCollection printers represent the next iteration in printing solutions for successful retailers. Their ergonomic appeal and fast printing was all that was needed to make sure they became supported.

Final Thoughts

SuiteRetail has always been puzzled why traditional point-of-sale is so antiquated, hard-to-use and restrictive. SuitePOS Version 3 makes things a lot easier and more efficient for mid-market retailers who want to offer the best customer experience possible.

About SuiteRetail

SuiteRetail makes retailers successful by re-inventing the in-store POS dynamics and replacing it with simplicity, flexibility, accuracy and speed. SuiteRetail’s flagship product, SuitePOS, is a user-friendly and intuitive Apple-based point of sale solution. With SuitePOS, employees ring up sales quickly using familiar devices, and the transactions flow seamlessly into NetSuite or Salesforce. This deep integration delivers a unique architecture that eclipses traditional and hard to operate point of sale software by moving complexity away from the store, and in to the back-office, where the entire solution is managed. SuitePOS increases customer satisfaction, delivers higher revenue and lowers cost. The result is unified commerce and effortless scalability across operations and all channels.