Welcome to the New Dynamics 365 AI Suite

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most evolved customer relationship management. But, the fact is that it is much more than just a CRM solution. Dynamics 365 is endowed with some of the latest apps and solutions that help a company in many ways. A few of the high rated apps and tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are the marketing, sales, finance, operations, retail and a plenty of other. What makes Dynamics 365 better than any other business tool is the fact that it keep upgrading to meet the ever-changing demands of the business world. Sensing the unbelievable growth of Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft is doing its bit to add some favors of AI into its Dynamics 365 solution. Though, AI is somewhere or the other already apart of many business solutions. And, now Microsoft is also trying its best to make full use of Artificial Intelligence by including the best of AI programs/tools/enhancements in the Dynamics suite of business tools. This addition will not only make Dynamics 365 a lot more powerful, but it will also give the Dynamics suite a competitive edge. At the same time, integration of AI tools will make the complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering a lot more useful.

How is Artificial Intelligence useful for a business?

Business are always on the lookout for some of the latest technological advancements which are basically aimed to amplify the speed and efficiency of their business functions. Also, the new technology should be capable of helping the firm boost productivity and revenue, directly or indirectly. AI was invented years back, and since then, it has been fixated by the development of a tool which has the capability to think as well as reason for itself. Also, it is known to have the powers to take over the world, as in many of the movies we have seen machines rising over humans. However, this is still a little complicated topic for discussion. But, one thing is definite, that Artificial Intelligence undoubtedly has a lot of potential to automate and enhance the operations in the business world.

There seems to be a host of AI applications for companies however, areas like risk management, corporate intelligence, marketing, sales, customer service etc. are experiencing the positive and effective disruption of AI more. The integration of AI has also made it possible for the firms to make better and more useful business decisions. However, this is also true that in order to make the most of AI, companies have to adopt both the best tools and the best resources. And, Dynamics 365 is surely now one of the top choices, especially after the integration of Dynamics 365 AI suite.

Amassing all the data, and looking for information is not the only way to improve your business. You have to put the data to as good use also. The capability of analyzing the data available in real-time and coming up with the insight and opportunities is important to enhance the quality of business. Also, the insights or the important points that are hidden in data is exactly where Artificial Intelligence works wonders for companies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence suite

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence suite is the talk of the town. It is presently segregated into different parts, namely, Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence for Market Insights, Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service and the fantastic AI for Sales.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI suite is curated especially for the new-age. The main objective of AI is to offer valuable proactive insights to various companies. These insights are further used by the companies to not only make better plans, but to also improve their decision making. This social suite acts as a new generation of business tools. Under the umbrella of Microsoft Dynamics 365 brand, this suite symbolizes that Dynamics 365 wishes to extend beyond the boundaries of customary and usual CRM and ERP programs. Instead, they want to help the businesses transform digitally. They enable the firms to consume data in the most effective manner.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence are basically aimed to deliver practical utilizations of more foundational Microsoft cloud technology. The new age technologies include machine learning models, bots as a service, analysis of data etc.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI suite will surely offer decision makers with efficient ways to act on the data. They will be provided with the tools to take the business a step higher. Starting from transforming marketing to making the customer engagement tools more powerful, this suite will certainly benefit the company in many ways.