How to Pass Top Microsoft Certifications MTA, MCSA and MCSE Exams Using Practice Tests

We are all well familiar with the name of Microsoft as there is hardly a corner in the world where the software produced by this company is not used. However, Microsoft is not only a software provider; it also offers a huge certification program for IT professionals all over the world.

We are all well familiar with the name of Microsoft as there is hardly a corner in the world where the software produced by this company is not used. However, Microsoft is not only a software provider; it also offers a huge certification program for IT professionals all over the world.

This text is dedicated to common Microsoft certifications such as MTA, MCSA and MCSE which are popular in the IT world. We will give you a short description of the best Microsoft credential options and trace the connections between them. We will also take some specific certification as an example and review the details of exam preparation.

Now, let’s move to the sought-after Microsoft certifications.

MTA certification

An entry-level MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) certification can serve as a springboard for novice IT specialists. IT covers fundamental knowledge in various spheres of IT including OS, software development, database, network, server administration, Cloud, HTML5 and javascript and more.MTA can not serve as a step to MCSA, MCPor MCSD certifications, but it is sufficient enough to start a successful career in IT. To attain MTA, you should sit for one test from 14 offered. Here are some examples of MTA certification tests:

Microsoft 98-349 exam

98-349 exam is all about Windows OS fundamentals. The topics include the management of files, folders, devices and applications, as well as OS maintenance, OS configurations and many more.

To find more details about 98-349 exam, visit Microsoft website.

Microsoft 98-364 exam

Exam 98-364 covers Database fundamentals and tests the candidate’s knowledge related to database objects creation, data manipulation, database administration, the understanding of core database concepts and more.

Learn more about the 98-364 exam at Microsoft website.

Microsoft 98-365 exam

98-365 test is all about the fundamentals of Windows Server administration. Topics of this exam include the understanding of server roles, server performance management, server maintenance, server installation, storage andActive Directory.

Find more about 98-365exam atMicrosoft website.

Microsoft 98-366 exam

Exam 98-366 covers networking fundamentals. It comprises of topics related to the understanding of network hardware, services, protocols and network infrastructures.

To find information about 98-366exam, go to Microsoft website.

Microsoft 98-375 exam

98-375 exam is focused on the fundamentals ofHTML5application development. The objectives include User Interface (UI) building, coding with JavaScript, user interface formatting withCascading Style Sheets(CSS) andApplication Life Cycle management.

The details about 98-375exam can be found at the Microsoft website.

Next-level certification is MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate). Here are some in-demand MCSA options:

MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification

If you are intended to work with Dynamics 365 technologies, MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best option for you. This associate-level certification confirms the candidate’s expertise and skills related to the customization, configuration and upgrade of this particular Microsoft product. The credential qualifies you for the roles of a system administrator, implementation consultant, Dynamics 365 developer, or technical support engineer. To get certified, you should pass two exams:

Microsoft MB2-715 exam

Exam MB2-715 focuses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement. The topics include Dynamics 365 environment administration,the management of Microsoft Outlook and Mobile environments, the creation of Customer Organizational Structure and more.

Learn more about MB2-715exam atMicrosoft website.

Microsoft MB2-716 exam

MB2-716 exam is dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics 365configurationandcustomization. The main objectives of this test are Dynamics 365 entities, the implementation of entity relationships, the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and implementation of workflows, fields and business rules.

More details about MB2-716exam can be found at the Microsoft website.

After you complete your MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365, you may opt for advanced MCSE: Business Applications certification which will give you even more possibilities.

MCSA: Cloud Platform certification

MCSA: Cloud Platform is an associate-level certification intended for novice professionals who work with technologies based on the Cloud. This credential qualifies you for the roles of Cloud administrator or Cloud architect. To obtain MCSA: Cloud Platform, you need to clear two of the four offered exams: 70-532, 70-533, 70-535and 70-537 (the last one is now on development).

Please keep in mind that MCSA: Cloud Platform credential retires on December 31, 2018, so you need to hurry up if you want to get it.

Microsoft 70-532 exam

Exam 70-532 focuses on the development of Azure Solutions. The topics of the exam include the implementation of storage identity management and data strategy, application management, creation and management of Azure Virtual Machines and more.

Read more about 70-532exam at the Microsoft website.

Microsoft 70-533 exam

70-533 exam concentrates on the implementation of Azure infrastructure solutions. The main objectives of the test are Azure identities, Azure security, Azure App Service Apps, ARM templates, virtual networks and many more.

More details about 70-533exam can be found at the Microsoft website.

Microsoft 70-535 exam

Exam 70-535covers the architecting of Microsoft Azure solutions. The topics of this test include Identity Solutions, Security, Computer Infrastructure, Networking Implementation, the designing of Data Implementation and more.

To get more information about 70-535 exam, visit the Microsoft website.

As we mentioned above, 70-537 exam is now unavailable. After you complete your MCSA: Cloud Platform credential, you can opt for MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification, which will bring you to the expert level. Further, in this article, we will look at the details of this certification.

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure is designed to validate the skills necessary to work with an efficient and modern data center. The certified individual possesses proficiency in cloud technologies, identity management, networking and virtualization. Please keep in mind that MCSE: Cloud Platform retires on December 31, 2018. In order to get certified, the candidate needs to first earn an appropriate MCSA credential and then clear one exam from the list of 10 offered. Here is an example of MCSE exam options:

Microsoft 70-473 exam

70-473 exam covers the design and implementation of Cloud Data Platform solutions. The topics include database solutions ,scalability ,high availability ,security ,disaster recovery and more.

More information about 70-473examcan be found at the Microsoft website.

Now, let’s look at 70-473 exam in more detail.

Microsoft 70-473 Exam Details

Microsoft 70-473 is an online Microsoft certification exam that is designed to validate the technical competency of the candidates by testing a wide array of fundamental technological concepts such as designing and implementing of Cloud Data Platform Solutions.

This certification confirms that you have the skills needed to move your company to the cloud, increase user productivity and flexibility, reduce data loss and improve data security for your organization. The mentioned competencies help a candidate to acquire the expertise in securing mobility management solutions for large businesses and demonstrate fundamental skills in using Microsoft Cloud services.

The exam is targeted at Database Administrators or professionals interested in certifications associated with Azure SQL and Azure VMs. To qualify for 70-473 exam, you need to obtain MCSA certification related to Windows Server 2016, Cloud Platform, Linux on Azure, or Windows Server 2012.

The test is developed and continually reviewed by industry professionals. The exam scope covers a range of technological topics. Note that the higher the percentage, the more questions on that area will present in the exam.

How to Qualify for the Exam

The ideal candidate for this exam is MCSA certified IT professional with the strong technical background who want to improve his/her expertise and validate the skills in implementing and designing Microsoft Data Platform Solutions.

The candidates should also have relevant hands-on experience in cloud-based and on-premises platform solutions as well as with be familiar with Office 365, Microsoft Intune, firewalls, network topologies and devices and network ports.

Candidates are expected to possess the knowledge of the capabilities and features of the Microsoft Data Platform and be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Identify tradeoffs
  • Make decisions for designing public and hybrid cloud solutions
  • Define the appropriate platform and infrastructure solutions to meet the required operational, functional and deployment requirements through the solution lifecycle

Exam Centers and Rules

Microsoft 70-473 exam contains approximately 40-60 questions which need to be answered in 150 minutes. The cost of the attempt is $165. The test is provided by third-party vendors in an online platform and available in an array of languages.

Prior to taking the exams, the candidates are expected to accept the terms of a non-disclosure agreement that requires the candidate to keep the information related to the test content confidential. This agreement protects the security and integrity of the Microsoft Certification Program as it legally prohibits piracy or unauthorized use of exam content.

Candidates are also required to verify their status prior to registering and making payment for the exam. In case of the unsuccessful attempt, they will not be able to sit the test and will not get a refund for the payment made.

A few minutes after the completion of the exam, the candidate will receive the pass or fail status, as well as a printed report that provides the test score and performance feedback. The exam delivery provider forwards the score to Microsoft within five business days.

Core Skills Tested

Microsoft 70-473 exam tests the candidate’s ability to accomplish certain technical tasks. The corresponding percentage indicates the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions related to the particular topic you will see on the test.

  1. Designing and implementing of database solutions for Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Microsoft SQL Server 20-25%.

This topic covers the skills in designing of a hybrid SQL Server solution, implementing of SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), designing of database solutions on SQL Server in Azure and Azure SQL database, implementing of Azure SQL Database and designing and implementing of MySQL and PostgreSQL database solutions in Azure.

  1. Designing and implementing of Security (25%-30%).

This topic includes the skills in designing and implementing of Azure SQL Database security and SQL Server Database security.

  1. Designing of high availability, disaster recovery and scalability solutions (25%-30%).

This topic covers the candidate’s skills in designing and implementing high availability solutions, implementing scalable solutions and Azure SQL Database data recovery.

  1. Monitoring and managing database implementations in Azure (25%-30%).

This topic covers the skills in monitoring and troubleshooting of SQL Server VMs on Azure and monitoring and troubleshooting of SQL Database.

Microsoft 70-473 Study Resources

Below are some of the most effective study resources that a candidate may use to prepare for Microsoft 70-473 exams.

  • Online training: These are free online training courses offered by world-class experts to help candidates in building technical skills. The Microsoft Learning Partners program does offer a wide range of solutions to suit the training needs of every candidate.
  • Instructor-led training: This is a classroom on-demand Microsoft Technology training offered through the Microsoft Virtual Academy, which is provided by Microsoft certified tutors.
  • You can also opt for the practice tests. To get more information, check the following titles: 70-473 Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions Microsoft Official Practice Test, Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions and Microsoft 70-473 Questions & Answers.

All Microsoft exams reflect modern technical concepts and helping the successful individuals to get hired, be more productive and receive recognition in their field. Microsoft certifications give an edge to the professionals by offering them an internationally recognized proof of their skills, mastery and appreciation of changing technology trends.

Microsoft certification offers the career opportunities for the professionals as the employers often use credentials as selection criteria for recruitment. Further, the certification serves as a foundation for new higher level credentials.