Microsoft is the hungriest tech company for AI talent, with almost 2,000 job openings listed

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has reiterated on various stages during several developer events, that the future of computing and technology will converge at an artificially intelligent endpoint.

Dogfooding the philosophy of its CEO, Microsoft has been on a hiring blitz for developers, engineers, marketers, and managers to fill a wide variety of AI positions within the company.

According to an RS Components research study that focused on the biggest names in tech recruitment of AI talent, Microsoft is top dog, looking to fill upwards of 2,000 AI dedicated positions within the company. By comparison, the total number of jobs listed as open at Microsoft is 5,440. Almost 36% of Microsoft’s total recruitment efforts are focused on artificial intelligence.

The graphics chip developer NVIDIA follows behind Microsoft in its pursuit of AI talent with 369 of its total 1,104 positions being dedicated to or listed as artificial intelligence related.

Other companies more closely associated with AI research and development include Google, Intel, Facebook, Netflix, Apple and IBM at 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, and 13 respectively.

Obviously, the pursuit of AI talent is not without merit as RS research claims the demand for artificial intelligence specialties has increased 119% just over the past three years.

Innovation Enterprise is also reporting that Microsoft is entering 2019 as the leading AI patent filing company in tech with 697 world class patents.

Microsoft’s hunger for talented AI individuals or teams stands as evidence that the company’s cloud pivot is an every evolving strategy that has quietly pole vaulted Microsoft to the 2nd most valued US company in recent history.