8 IoT devices that could impact the consumer market in 2019

By:  Scott Gerber

Internet of things technology is booming, with an increasing number of connected devices joining the market each year. From smart kitchen appliances and virtual home assistants to security systems and utility management platforms, there’s seemingly no limit to the usefulness of the IoT across industries and applications.

While 2018 was a big year for connected devices, some experts believe that 2019 will see even more innovation in this space. We asked a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members the following question:

What IoT device do you think will have a great impact on the market for consumers in the coming year and why?

Their best answers are below:

1. Virtual assistants

More people will use these devices for ordering and information delivery than ever before as they get used to the idea and like the convenience. – Serenity GibbonsNAACP

2. Door locks

Smart door locks are going to become more popular with home and business owners. Being able to remotely lock and unlock your door, as well as have the ability to share access with others using a mobile app, is super convenient. It’s great for people who misplace their keys often, too. – Chris ChristoffMonsterInsights

3. Air quality controllers

If air quality controllers can offer recommendations and alerts right on my phone, I think it would offer unique value that isn’t yet available to consumers in a widespread way. – Derek BromanDiscount Enterprises LLC (deguns.net)

4. Healthcare wearables

Wearable IoT devices are a growing trend. We all want to know more about our health and how we can improve. Wearable devices range from yoga pants letting you know if your downward dog is correct, to rings that measure body functions, to a device placed on your back to signal bad posture. Wearables will be an effective method to break bad habits. – Jean GinzburgJean Ginzburg.com

5. Cars

There are many IoT technologies we’ve just started seeing and will begin to see more of in cars in the coming year, with connected smart cars possibly being at the top of that list. – Andrew SchrageMoney Crashers Personal Finance


6. Doorbells

Having home video surveillance used to be out of many homeowners’ price range, but with smart doorbells, anyone can beef up their security. The device will notify you via your mobile phone anytime someone steps foot on your doorstep. You can speak to them through a built-in microphone and capture video footage. – Blair WilliamsMemberPress


7. Refrigerators

A connected refrigerator will make it easy to know when you’re running low on certain foods and reorder items for you so they’re always in stock. You could even be at the store and message your fridge to find out if you have a certain item already. – Syed BalkhiWPBeginner

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8. Sleep trackers

Sleep is so central to health. Quantified sleep is the next big space in connected tech for consumers. Sleep-tracking wearables are gaining in popularity. It’s one of the frontiers in the quantified self that’s quickly changing. – Ryan D. MatznerFueled