Microsoft Dynamics Suite in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace

By:  James Warner

Everyone is aware of the fact that, in the current era of digital advancement, the applications of cloud computing has become prevalent across various segments of the industry. Global organizations look forth to implement cloud services as an optimum method to decrease their infrastructure costs along with the accelerate software deployment, and better operational flexibility. Many organizations have already begun to leverage services from the industry leader of the cloud services – AWS, that offers one of the most premium, secured and reliable cloud platforms today. This idea of cloud computing is accepted on large scale by small businesses as well to avoid costly infrastructure spending-these organizations only paid for the computing resources they needed, without organizations only paid for the computing resources they needed, without the burden of managing or upgrading their own performance. By clarity of vision of Amazon, their initiative was so successful that many companies with extensive computing infrastructure inevitable followed suit.

Amazon Web Services is an isolated AWS server architecture to host confidential data and regulated workloads for organizations that require a higher security and compliance baseline including the International Traffic in Arms Regulation. The main news that is very crucial for the tech industry that an award-winning global service provider of Microsoft hosted technologies, named Data Resolution announced the launch of four Microsoft Dynamics products and a host of other products into the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. This company is doubling down on its efforts to make enterprise applications on the AWS public cloud easier to access and user-friendly for businesses of all sizes. As Amazon was scaling its e-commerce business in the early 2000s, it was purchasing computing infrastructure to support future needs of its site. Over time, the company to buy infrastructure in large quantities, which allowed Amazon to purchase these resources at a lower cost per unit.

According to the company’s official statement, “ We are committed to delivering our Microsoft suite of fully supported enterprise applications on the AS cloud shows an exciting and continuous shift in how big enterprises continue to consume enterprise technology.” This statement clearly shows how this launch can impact world cloud-related business activity. Organizations can now utilize the benefits of AWS pay per hour model to utilize the flexibility and reduce any risk of overspending on Information Technology resources. Because in recent few years, many businesses onboard process was very time consuming and daunting. By pre-provisioning, the software in the AWS Marketplace can sort out this problem.

The key products from Microsoft are GP, NAV, SL, and AX were launched by Data Resolution company last year. The organization has designed and pre-optimized all four dynamics packages for simplicity and ease of use. Here is the brief description of these four important products from Microsoft.

  • Dynamics NAV on Amazon Web Services: This product has been designed for small to mid-size businesses ready to take software to the new level. Dynamics NAV comes growing teams with up-to-speed operational visibility to help reach their goals. It is tried and tested in supply chain management systems and business that demand high visibility over periods of time.
  • Dynamics GP: Tailored for growing businesses frustrated by eh current line-up of clunky and incompatible software. This product is now pre-provisioned, providing the full complement of out of the box features. The overall working mode is quite smooth and user-friendly.
  • Dynamics AX: Bringing together the best from Microsoft dynamics AX consulting helps big teams act faster and smarter across their IT and other departments like finance, commerce, and operations. This Microsoft product is designed to handle enterprise situations, which often have highly variable internal user accounts and can make scalability and licensing a headache.
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL: Designed according to project-based teams in mind, this Microsoft product fills the gap between accounting and project management platforms. This is the right solution to help project-driven organizations manage people, projects and profitability.

Now, comes to our key point, how this collaboration can help the tech market to achieve new possibilities. The various agencies of the Government may enjoy these advantages like the corporates that includes the speed of procurement along with bringing the flexibility of own license and the use of Microsoft Share Point and Microsoft Dynamics based on the consumption provided for the AWS GovCloud. Because GovCloud is tailored in such a way that it fulfills the needs of the US Government by implementing the services of AWS in a system where the regulations of the US Government are met and the workload and sensitive data are processed.

This program is another instance of Data Resolution commitment to be one of the top Microsoft hosting partners for Microsoft solutions on the platform of AWS Marketplace. This package of complete supported apps for AWS represents an amazing process in how the organizations using enterprise technology.