Virsera Launches SpurGo Microsoft Dynamics 365 Add-In

Virsera, an enterprise gamification and goal acceleration company, has released the SpurGo Dynamics Add-In for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

“We found that many of our customers were using SpurGo to increase sales performance and were taking the extra step to track it with great CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM,” said John Diefendorf, CEO of Virsera, in a statement. “So it was really a no-brainer to enable this unified integration and provide it as a complementary add-on for customers who are already using Dynamics.”

Once the Add-In is installed from Microsoft AppSource, players can engage in SpurGo Challenges, complete Tasks in their Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboards, and have the results automatically report back to the SpurGo Leaderboard.

“CRM utilization and hygiene is always an issue in sales organizations,” said Joe Corella, co-founder of Virsera, in a statement. “Sales leadership and sales excellence teams are always looking for creative ways to ensure that their CRM system matches the business reality. The SpurGo Dynamics Add-In makes it fun for sales people to keep their CRM tools up to date.”