Ecosmob Announced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution for Automotive Industries

Ecosmob implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for automotive industries is far more refined and brings in great value addition.

Ecosmob, leading software developers, announced the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution for Automotive Industries. Speaking on the occasion, the companys VP said, We bring something different to the table given the complex nature of automotive manufacturing and marketing operations.

Ecosmob provides a tightly knot and extremely tailored Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience for automotive industries. One of the core aspects is to optimize inventory management that extends across the entire chain. It starts right at the vendor level and continues to the manufacturing plant and then on to dealer and service networks with complete visibility across the spectrum. Lean manufacturing is another aspect fine tuned to the needs of this segment, achieved by leveraging Dynamics AX and IoT as well as AI integration. Financial accounting and management are tightly integrated into the package to help collect data in real time, plan cash flows and manage cost centers as well as automate tracking of work in process and other areas.

These, he said, are the standard features along with others such as product lifecycle management and spare parts. Where Ecosmob goes beyond is in integration of more of artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 package. For instance, we build an IoT bridge that connects together manufacturing equipment monitoring, inventory in the plant, inventory at vendors warehouses, inventory in dealers and service stations and IoT in the vehicles to monitor performance and issue alerts. Data from such diverse sensors would be difficult to interpret and act upon but our AI and machine learning endow our Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for automotive sector with a refined edge. Our solution is more intelligent, has predictive powers and keeps learning with the passage of time.

Obviously it is no easy task to integrate everything from individual customer level to individual part level and manage vendors as well as production while keeping sight of sales, trends and vendors too. Ecosmob, as a top-notch MS Dynamics 365 solution provider, rises to the challenge and delivers customized solution to suit each client, whether it is a manufacturer of vehicles or manufacturer of OEM parts. Our team has the expertise and capability in MS Dynamics. Further, we are assisted by our AI and IoT divisions in design, conceptualization, framework and architecture of a system that will perform flawlessly yet be easy to operate and use with the right security features.

Further, Ecosmob provides excellent support at all stages, from the discussion stage to formulation of strategy, phase-wise implementation and even training backed by maintenance of the solution as well as its upgrade. And, on top of it, the rates are quite affordable and far lower than what others would charge.