Heavy Equipment Dealers: Accelerate Forward with a Fully Integrated Dealer Management System

Traditional standalone dealer management systems automate a limited set of core functions. As a result, it limits visibility into heavy equipment dealers business performance – sound familiar?

The Key to Dealership Growth

The key to business growth and success is greater transaction volumes and speed, but it’s hard for many dealer management systems to handle this kind of pressure. Achieving full audit trails, rich business planning and reporting, or automated processes requires adding systems and constantly engineering short-term quick fixes. But standalone systems simply can’t handle stronger financial controls, superior CRM features and real-time reporting or support for more complex processes, such as Multi-company/Multi-lot Management, Customer Loyalty Programs, and Parts Inventory Control.

Here’s a few things to think about when evaluating your current systems:

  • While viewing the communications exchanged between a client and the dealership, users should not have to login to a separate system to also see an audit of their service and parts history.
  • Managers responsible for multiple lots and locations should not be required to have separate usernames/passwords for each one.
  • There is no reason that a client’s business value across each department cannot be determined and viewed on one common screen.

If any of the examples above sound familiar, it’s time to acknowledge that non-integrated systems are indeed a barrier to achieve growth. If you’ve ended up with this disparate system barrier, the result can be operating in a “business system hairball” with conflicting information.

Download our free white paper to learn how to determine if you’re operating in a hairball, how these hairballs evolve and how to determine when it’s time for a change.

Achieving Financial Growth

Running complex business processes across financial management, vehicle management, service and parts inventory management is not possible with disparate systems. Conversely, coupling core finance and accounting functions in a suite with complex dealer management processes increases the efficiency of month-end close, while reducing back-office costs. Enterprise-level management teams save time and can report more accurately when these functions run simultaneously in a single suite.

The Benefits of an Integrated DMS

Moving to a single, unified cloud-based system offers flexibility and all-encompassing agility, without the overhead of maintaining an underlying technology layer. Our fully integrated dealer management system powered by NetSuite is a state of the art business automation solution, giving dealerships the tools needed to stay ahead of the competition and to seize new opportunities as they emerge and grow.  For more information about evaluating your current systems, automating process, or solution integration, get in touch with our dealer management consultant today.