6 Reasons why you should consider upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

We believe that choosing a partner who can support you in your move to the cloud and embracing an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations will change and enrich your business and encourage financial growth.

We understand that the first question that generally comes to mind is “Why would I need to upgrade to the cloud if my existing Microsoft Dynamics AX solution is working perfectly well for me?” There is a level of reservation, for some, when it comes to software updates but upgrading your ERP system to the cloud can have invaluable benefits.

There are many compelling reasons to move to the cloud but below are the six key reasons why we think you should be considering switching to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations:

  1. Security

Security is now discussed in boardrooms across the globe, as getting it wrong presents a significant financial and reputational risk. Contrary to prior business wisdom, cloud-based applications deliver enhanced security. Microsoft is at the forefront of delivering a secure environment in which customers can confidently transact. Active threats are monitored and counter-attacked 24/7 by dedicated Microsoft cybersecurity professionals. Microsoft Dynamics 365 not only keeps your data secure but does so affordably.

  1. Cost of Ownership

Initially, when Microsoft Dynamics AX customers analyze their BREP (Business Ready Enhancement Plan) payments versus the subscription licenses, it would appear there is a major discrepancy in costs. However, when you peel away the layers of what is contained within the new license structure, it quickly becomes apparent that the new model potentially offers a lower total cost of ownership than equivalent on-premise solutions. Contained within the subscription license structure is a managed service for three environments which Microsoft maintains – Build – Staging & Production. Furthermore, this managed service includes all the infrastructure required to run the live environment, including disaster recovery. The subscription licenses also contain access to the Power Platform, including Power BI and additional Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps, depending on the license model employed.

  1. Innovation

If a company stands still, it can quickly find itself falling behind the competition, such is the rate of innovation. Delivering business applications that keep pace with this rate of change is a key deliverable of Microsoft’s strategy. No longer are upgrades delivered in a single entity every two years. Today, with Microsoft’s One Version, updates, enhancements and increased functionality are delivered multiple times per year, thus enabling Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers to innovate in line with their customers’ demands.

  1. Familiarity

Across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, significant functionality and capabilities have been added to enhance the already world-class solution, without changing the familiar look and feel. The streamlined interface enables users to quickly and effectively interact with the system with minimal training. Furthermore, because the Microsoft stack is a key element of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, users can continue to interrogate business-critical information using tools they are familiar with.

  1. Flexibility

Cloud-based applications are, by design, inherently more flexible platforms, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is no exception. However, what sets it apart from previous Microsoft Dynamics AX iterations is the continuous updates aligned to the Power Platform. The Power Platform is a step-change in delivering additional business enhancements using a “low code, no code” approach. It is aligned to the common data service and enables customers and partners alike to deliver functionality which does not impact the core Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. Thus maintaining the integrity of Microsoft’s continuous update approach.

  1. Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has embedded Power BI as standard. This solution is designed to deliver pervasive analytics to the user community, simply and effectively. Users can interrogate information in a graphical format and use it as a decision-making support tool. Information contained within the platform can be shared with the user community even in a mobile environment. Power BI is rated by Gartner as one of the leading BI tools and it comes as standard with most user licenses.

There are many other features to consider, depending on your business strategy and your future requirements. HSO is here to help guide and support you throughout the journey.

An upgrade to the cloud may seem daunting or unnecessary, but we truly believe you won’t regret it once you experience all the benefits that Microsoft Dynamics 365 will bring to your business.