Sage Intacct enables United Way of Central Indiana to prepare financial reports 4x faster saving 80 hours of work per month

By giving us a better handle on our budget, Sage Intacct supports the United Way’s mission. We’re able to track the dollars going back into our community to see if we’re making the right impact.

 – Sage (FTSE: SGE), the market leader in cloud business management solutions, today announced that United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) utilized Sage Intacct to produce monthly statements and grant reports four times faster, increase efficiency by 25% across the finance team, and accelerate community impact through greater program visibility.

United Way of Central Indiana advocates for the education, financial stability, heath, and basic needs of local individuals in their six-county region. The organization’s finance department supports this important mission by helping to demonstrate program impact through fund accounting and grant reporting. Over the years, they grew increasingly frustrated with their previous system, which limited UWCI’s reporting capabilities, hindered the team’s productivity and lacked a digital audit trail, forcing them to store back up paper copies of all general ledger entries and accounts payable invoices.

After selecting Sage Intacct, a solution available in Sage Business Cloud, UWCI’s finance team gained the ability to produce comprehensive financial statements, easily track grant expenses, and monitor performance and key community impact metrics for the organization.

“Our finance team is no longer just task-oriented; we’re much more forward-thinking, which is wonderful. As a result, collaboration across the organization has increased tenfold,” said Lynn Auffart, Senior Director of Finance, United Way of Central Indiana. “Everyone from our community impact department, to fundraising, to the volunteer center, is coming to us to ask questions and plan for the future of the United Way of Central Indiana.”

United Way of Central Indiana realized additional benefits since implementing Sage Intacct, including:

  • Time saving, accurate financial processes: Sage Intacct’s integration of automated accounts payable routing eliminated copious amounts of manual work of requiring finance to spend hours each week tracking down and filling individual signatures. Now, rather than working to the last minute to meet deadlines, hours of tedious work is cut down by 20 hours a week and monthly financial statements and grant reports are produced four times faster.
  • Increased certainty for decision making: Sage Intacct’s ability to instantly produce comprehensive financial statements has allowed the finance team to be able to report out to their funders, government agencies, and board in great detail as well as gaining accurate insight as to how much they have left to spend on each grant, or how much revenue they’ve collected on a fundraising campaign.
  • Insightful visibility into company performance: Sage Intacct dashboards provide visibility into company performance and allow the entire organization to view community impact metrics in one place. Sage Intacct’s dimensions help the organization track specific expenses going towards various community programs – such as basic needs, literacy, preschool, health, or financial stability.

“By giving us a better handle on our budget, Sage Intacct supports the United Way’s mission. We’re able to track the dollars going back into our community to see if we’re making the right impact,” Auffart says. “We know how much money we’re spending on specific programs and can see the results. If a certain project’s not working, we quickly move forward with a different approach to ensure we’re investing our resources into the areas of greatest need.”

For more information on how United Way of Central Indiana uses Sage Intacct, view the full case study.

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