NetSuite Makes Its Move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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At NetSuite, we have always been focused on providing the best for our customers and are constantly looking for ways to step it up. That’s the reason behind our move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which is Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure. It blends all of the advantages of the public cloud with the control and predictability of on-premise infrastructure to deliver high performance and high availability.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle is doing for us what we do ourselves for the last two decades. By eliminating the challenges of managing infrastructure, Oracle is enabling us to focus higher up on the stack: helping our customers drive their businesses forward and unlock growth.

We see this as a game changer and I am pleased to report that we’ve made big progress in our transition. Customers in Frankfurt and London are already live on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and experiencing the benefits of better performance and reliability.

And we’re not stopping there; we’re taking it global. As our customers take their business to new regions, we’ll be with them every step of the way with a reliable and battle-tested infrastructure.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • In the next 18 months, NetSuite will go live in a total of 18 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure data centers across the US, EMEA and JAPAC.
  • By next Spring 2020 we will provision 100% of new NetSuite customers in Europe on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Following the successful launch of our data centers in Europe, we plan to go live on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in data centers in APAC. First starting with Japan and Australia – (two data centers in each.)
  • The plan is to have two U.S. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions available to new NetSuite customers next spring.

With this aggressive plan, customers can expect an ever-improving level of service delivery in pretty much any country in the world. As the next generation of NetSuite service delivery, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows us to automatically and programmatically allocate compute resources, storage, the database, and the network—all in the cloud.

Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure delivers NetSuite with the following features:

  • Autonomous: Provides a path to Oracle Autonomous Database, the world’s first self-driving database, that automates management to deliver unprecedented availability, performance, and security—at a significantly lower cost. This is really cool stuff as the Oracle Autonomous Database automatically encrypts data, backs itself up, tunes itself, upgrades itself and automatically patches itself when a security threat is detected.
  • Support and Services: Enables us to turn over the schedule for upgrades to you. Eliminates the hairball that is upgrading software by applying upgrade and patching schedules on-demand.
  • Availability, Scalability and Expandability: Increases uptime and will enable us to deploy additional capacity faster than ever to support our rapidly-growing customer base and the growth of their organizations. In addition, the global footprint of Oracle’s infrastructure allows us to be wherever our customers are.
  • Security: Helps protect customer data by increasing automation and giving more control to reduce risk against growing security threats.
  • Intelligence: Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure allows our customers to innovate faster by supporting advanced technology, including AI-based Applications, ML-integrated security, and automated analytics.