Permuta Launches New Community, Called PermutaGit, for Rapid Solution Design and Delivery on Microsoft Azure DevOps and Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Permuta Technologies, a Microsoft depth managed partner, known for its fast-growing workforce readiness solution, known as DefenseReady for Department of Defense (DoD) and FederalReady for civilian agencies, has announced today the launch of PermutaGit.

PermutaGIT is a complete redesign of the company’s software development approach which now enables customers to easily extend any of the Permuta applications or create a new app specific to their agency. This new agile approach puts the customer at the heart of current and future solutions. Rather than relying solely on Permuta to provide all-new capabilities, customers will now have the choice of which applications to use, when to use them, and which platform to deploy (on-premises or in the cloud). DefenseReady (DR) and FederalReady (FR), Permuta’s underlying base solutions will also have a new look and feel, coming soon.

“The Git approach to software design and delivery is all about agile, distributed design for specific customers,” said Ryan Millet, CEO of Permuta Technologies. “In the past, every functional member of a unit had to wait for one massive upgrade to benefit them all. In the new agile approach using Git methodologies, each functional customer can receive their specific application on their own schedule without having to wait for others. This will reduce delivery time from six months down to weeks.”

Additionally, PermutaGit will act as a community repository for customers of DefenseReadyand FederalReady. “We believe that good ideas should be shared,” said Millet. “We want the community of customers, partners, and new ISVs to embrace and contribute to the platform to benefit others.”

All licensed users of DefenseReady (DR) and FederalReady (FR) will receive three PermutaGit access licenses immediately.

“We appreciate Permuta’s embrace of the Git approach to design and delivery,” said Greg Myers, VP of Microsoft Federal. “This acceleration to adoption will break down barriers and advance capabilities much faster to enable mission readiness in both Defense and Civilian agencies.”

Ryan likened the new development and delivery approach to fast casual restaurants. “We want customers to first choose their software platform, cloud or on-premises. Then they can choose their apps as toppings, and our Permuta Build rapid installer will take care of the rest. There is no need for additional code. In fact, we call it, ‘coding optional.’

About Permuta

Permuta Technologies Inc. (, a software manufacturer, creates software tailored for military and civilian organizations. With deep experience in the government, Permuta understands the challenges agencies face to protect and meet mission-critical initiatives. As a trusted leader in delivering solutions built and designed for government, Permuta is committed to increasing effectiveness and readiness so agencies can confidently execute their mission. Permuta combines its deep experience in government with their technology background to help accelerate readiness and enablement with their workforce solution. Their products, built on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365, are the only solutions in the market that cover all federal readiness management needs in one system, including force readiness, training, performance and asset management, medical readiness, mission planning and more.