NetSuite SuiteWorld 2023: The Biggest News Upcoming NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Features

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Upcoming NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Features


NetSuite will release updates to its Analytics Warehouse offering over the next 12 months, according to the vendor.

The updates include analytics embedded in user dashboards, more frequent data refreshes and enhanced analysis of financial data.

The embedded analytics allow users to add links to visualizations from Analytics Warehouse to NetSuite dashboard for better metrics tracking and to access charts based on data in NetSuite and other systems.

Users can schedule data refreshes by frequency and time. And the new financial analysis subject area shows activity from different angles and incorporates more business systems data. A new budget subject area also allows for more resource allocation tracking and adjustment, according to NetSuite.

Along with these updates are new line-level details for sales order and inventory analyses plus new Single Sign-On (SSO) to NetSuite and Analytics Warehouse.

Users also gained more roles and dimensions for allowing certain users to view dashboard charts without underlying transaction detail, according to NetSuite.