Top 8 New Updates in the Dynamics 365 Release 2023 Wave 1

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1. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
Dynamics 365 Customer Voice provides the best-in-class customer service through live customer engagements, agent collaboration, advanced telephony, and AI-based analytics. With the release update, there is a focus on enhanced case creation and channel-based swarming with Microsoft Teams. 

2. Sales Engagement AI Features

New sales engagement AI-powered suggestions now improve seller workflows and an opportunity management workspace. Additionally, this wave will include enhanced email templates, content suggestions and text message capabilities, and several new abilities for creating, looping and optimizing sales sequences. 

3. Introduction Of AL Explorer & AL Home
The introduction of AL Explorer brings a powerful tool to the hands of pro developers and technical consultants, allowing both roles to explore, navigate, and better understand objects in extensions. In addition, the new AL Home startup page introduces a new communication channel, allowing Business Central R&D to efficiently share news, best practices, upcoming events, and urgent information. 

4. Viva Sales – AI Suggested Replies

As an administrator, you can allow Viva Sales to generate suggested replies using context from your Outlook and CRM, utilizing GPT-3 technology. This makes it easy for your sales team to reply to emails quickly and confidently. 

5. Improved Integration with the Power Platform

New Features within Power Platform include a fresh look for Power Apps, improved in-app notifications, a pipeline view for opportunities, and improved UX for sharing documents. 

6. New Email Template Designer

The new email template creation experience offers an advanced digital content designer for creating and styling templates. Users can now easily add elements like images, text, buttons, and dividers while creating email templates. 

7. Intercompany Functions

Intercompany posting has a new Intercompany Setup page that gives you an improved overview of your setup and gives you fast access to various setup and task pages. In addition, you can now validate your intercompany posting setup to determine whether you’ve missed settings across partner companies. 

8. Optimized Action Bar

An optimized action bar can be tailored to fit the needs of your industry, company, or yourself. Add actions that you want to make available in an easily discoverable and consistent to help new users get started quickly and tailor them to your business-specific needs.