Predicting epidemics like the weather: How Microsoft Premonition can help in the global fight against disease outbreaks

What’s the weather like outside?” It’s a simple question, that we don’t think twice about. Our smart assistants, phones or a simple internet search can answer it. But it actually takes a global sensor network of weather stations, advanced data … Continued

Continuous Employee Engagement: A Sneak Peek at What’s New with SuitePeople in the NetSuite 2020 Release 2

Employees are more engaged when they receive regular feedback on their performance, with an eye toward growing their career. A new SuitePeople solution, Performance Management, helps employees stay engaged with active, real-time goal monitoring, reflections on past performance and recognition … Continued

Microsoft finds underwater datacenters are reliable, practical and use energy sustainably

Earlier this summer, marine specialists reeled up a shipping-container-size datacenter coated in algae, barnacles and sea anemones from the seafloor off Scotland’s Orkney Islands. The retrieval launched the final phase of a years-long effort that proved the concept of underwater … Continued