DynamicsFocus recruiting services is based on the concept of mutual respect. Respect for a person’s time, professional and personal goals and objectives, their confidentiality, as well as, strong and open lines of communication. Our objective is to understand a person’s areas of focus and strength and parlaying those with organization and opportunities that satisfy their career aspirations.

We strive to not waste anybody’s precious time. We accomplish this by selectively sharing specific opportunities that align closely with their respective backgrounds, and just importantly, satisfy their future career growth objectives. There may be situations where we will try and garner some support in developing a funnel of qualified candidates for a particular role and ask for confidential referrals, but those will still be in situations where it is very obvious the person works closely with individuals that would possess those specific skill sets and experience.

We will never try and “sell” anybody on a particular opportunity or client. We are happy to share what we know about a particular position with somebody that appears to be a good fit, but will always respect the final decision or wishes of that person. We completely understand that a job change is an incredibly stressful and critical decision to any professional and strive to do our best to make the entire process as smooth and informative as possible.

We will never do anything to jeopardize the current employment status of any candidate we work with. We do not send out resumes or any other potentially incriminating details on any candidate we work with until they have granted very direct permission to proceed with a formal presentation to a client of ours. Prior to this presentation, the candidate is made fully aware of the identity of each client with a specific opportunity that may be of interest and provided their respective website address so they have an opportunity to conduct their own due diligence and research on the organization.

Finally, we will do everything in our power to provide prompt and meaningful feedback at each and every step throughout both the interview and offer stage processes. My goal is to be in a position to obtain this feedback to pass along to each individual we work with within a 48 hour time frame of each significant event such as initial presentation or interviews.

We will also do our absolute best to try and obtain feedback that is real and genuine from our clients to share with you. This certainly will not always be positive feedback and may be somewhat difficult to absorb or hear, but it will be genuine and hopefully will be helpful for future consideration.