Business Development for Professional Services Consulting companies or Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) are the lifeblood and juice that not only sustains a company but fuels its growth. Without successful marketing and sales efforts, campaigns and activities, you’re consulting or product development company will inevitably wither on the vine until it can no longer survive.

Successful marketing and sales campaign development and execution come from individuals with specific talents and experience in these fields. Not having the right staff available for a software solutions partner is the biggest reason for failure. While it is absolutely essential to have the appropriate development and deployment staff on hand to be able to execute and deliver on sold projects, the starting point and even more critical time is at the beginning of the project implementation cycle at the marketing and sales functions.

Without having an effective marketing campaign to generate potential interest and market awareness and a qualified sales organization to take those prospects to signed deals and actual customers, there will not be any projects to worry about deploying later.

DynamicsFocus has a long history and track record of success recruiting specifically for professionals that distinguish themselves as leaders in marketing and sales fields on behalf of leading professional services consulting companies throughout the United States and Canada. Our network is comprised of industry veterans with years of experience and an understanding of managing complex sales cycles that typically involve many stakeholders for each client prospect that can span from 6-12 months or longer.

In the marketing area, we are very successful recruiting for Marketing Managers and Directors and Vice Presidents overseeing the entire company-wide marketing strategy. Our network is deepest with more experienced marketing professionals that have specific experience working for a VAR or ISV.

In the sales area, we have a robust network of accomplished Direct Outside Sales Executives with a focus on delivering net-new clients and revenues, as well as, Account Managers tasked with increasing revenue opportunities and strengthening relationships with existing customers.

We are also very effective in networking and recruiting Channel Sales Executives with the unique task of increasing revenue leveraging the channel of other Professional Services Organization and their respective sales organizations.

We are also very effective recruiting for Sr. Level Solutions Architects, also known as, Pre-Sales. These are very special individuals that have a mix of hands on implementation knowledge of the product while also are very effective communicators and can demonstrate the product in a compelling manner that promotes interest in the software application or solution itself, as well as, the capability of the solutions consulting company of delivering the solution to the customer in a timely and pain-free manner.