This is the lifeblood of any information systems strategy which includes Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Custom Application Development and Business Intelligence and Reporting systems for every company. We provide recruiting services across this broad technology and application landscape for professional services consulting companies also known as VAR’s (value added resellers) and for the end customers that leverage these technologies internally.

app2For professional services consulting companies, these are the qualified professionals tasked with understanding the specific and nuanced needs of their customers. This is accomplished via needs analysis, project scoping and architecting solutions to meet their specific business requirements which takes into consideration the differences in priority across the many departments and stakeholders within an organization and pulling together into a cohesive project strategy.

This is also the area for custom integration and development work that addresses specific needs that the off the shelf software package is not equipped to handle. This is addressed either from new web and client/server development services utilizing the .NET Framework and Visual Studio which includes ASP.NET, JavaScript, Python, HTML5, and many others.

There may be integration options available to satisfy the client’s specific requirements utilizing 1 of the many ISV (Independent Software Vendor) development companies and their products. These products were developed to make an existing Off the Shelf software package better in some way or address a specific need that is not available with the original software. Often-times, this is geared towards a specific industry or type of organization or it could be to address a specific task that could apply to multiple industries.

There are ISV options for just about any Software category in the market, but they are most common in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Planning) markets. Microsoft Corporation has an incredibly robust ISV channel that is measured in the thousands with specific products that integrate to Dynamics AX (Axapta), Dynamics NAV (Navision), Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Dynamics SL (Solomon) and Dynamics CRM.

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erpAppDev_slider2There is also a strong and growing ISV market for some of the Cloud Based ERP and CRM packages including NetSuite, and Intacct Software.

Database and Business Intelligence (BI) development and reporting services would also be included in this area and is a particular strength of ours from a recruiting services standpoint. The most common technology platform is Microsoft with their SQL Server and SSRS, SSIS and SSAS suite of products, but we also have a strong network of experienced professionals with competing BI products like Qlikview, Tableau and Business Objects.

For end customers or companies that leverage these products and technologies internally, we provide the same level of recruiting service but the focus moves from external consulting skills slights and shifts a bit for experienced professionals that are interested in a more vested relationship with a singular organization over many years. Many of the roles are similar in terms of the ability to conduct gap analysis and project scoping responsibilities, but the stakeholders of the organization are now their respective peers and managers.

While the titles can vary from company to company, some of the most common we are accomplished in recruiting which would be in this general grouping include Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, Developers, Project Managers, Business & Systems Analysts and Solutions Architects.