DynamicsFocus has a long history of identifying and recruiting industry leaders on behalf of both professional services consulting companies, as well as, end customers throughout North America. We have established relationships that span 10-15+ years and have been built on the premise of mutual respect. We fully understand and appreciate how precious time is for the busy software executive and we manage our collective interactions accordingly. We also have a very good understanding of the necessity for privacy and keeping all interactions in the strictest of confidence. This is particularly critical in the tight knit community for professional services consulting organizations, both Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) that we work so closely with.

The network we have established over the last decade plus in this area is comprised of industry veterans with obvious track records of success. They are typically very selective about the types of scenarios or opportunities they would even consider and we work diligently in honoring their wishes and only sharing the select opportunities that align with those pre-requisites. Again, we are able to maintain the long term relationships and a degree of respect and responsiveness because of this approach.

The area we have had the most recruiting success and placements over the years has been on behalf of consulting companies looking for Practice Leadership and Management. The respective titles are typically at the Manager, Director or Vice President level. The role is overall practice leadership of either a specific product practice or an industry segment or a combination of multiple practice disciples. They usually require both personnel and utilization management, engagement management with customers and P&L responsibilities.   While not as frequent, we have also had success recruiting for the very top executives for Dynamics Partners including President, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Executive Officer. The majority of these positions are to be considered key members of the executive inner circle and often-times come with an equity stake opportunity.

Another area of historical recruiting success for DynamicsFocus has been in the area of Business Development leadership. This area is specific to the Professional Services Consulting companies I referenced above. Executive-CoachingFor many of the same reasons, we have established a robust network comprised of experienced marketing and sales leaders that are comfortable with setting strategy for an entire sales organization or marketing initiatives from a company-wide standpoint. These folks are not actively seeking new opportunities, but again, are receptive to hearing from us as we share very specific and select opportunities with them based on our earlier discussions and the key components of importance they had shared with us.

For companies that leverage the applications and technologies internally (end customers), we also can develop a comprehensive recruiting campaign for leaders. Many of the positions we have successfully recruited on have titles such as Information Technology Manager or Director or Chief Information or Technology Officer. Once again, these are strategically oriented positions for an organization setting the overall Information Technology vision and direction for a company.