Your Typical Recruiting Experience

If you have more than 6 months of experience in ERP development, consulting, sales and/or management; I am assuming you have grown tired of getting peppered with recruiting calls, emails and/or Linked-In messages, right?  I’m also assuming you have had at least 1 or more experiences where you have actually responded to a recruiter, taken precious time out of your day to answer his/her questions with the hopes of them being able to match up your experience and professional objectives with an organization -then, drum roll please, if and when they follow up with you, it’s to try and convince you to interview for a job that a trained ape could tell isn’t a good fit or an improvement for you and then not understand why you aren’t excited.  Or perhaps even worse, obtain a copy of your resume that you had sent in confidence to them in good faith, they take that resume and present to companies without your full consent or even knowledge.  Then, when a reputable recruiter does openly discuss a specific company with a specific opening that is a good match and you are interested in exploring that opportunity, they are told by the client they cannot accept your resume because it was already presented to them.  And now, because that client doesn’t want to risk any legal issues with 2 different recruiting companies, they will not consider you a viable candidate because you have been “double submitted”.  It happens much more than you would think – in particular with a very, large international recruiting organization that I will not name but ends in Frank….

Your DynamicsFocus, LLC. Recruiting Experience

Welcome to your new “career development paradise”!  Ok, we probably aren’t that, but we are a marked difference in our approach and style than most of the recruiting organizations you have dealt with in the past.  The founding partner of DynamicsFocus, LLC. has been successfully building relationships and matching professionals with reputable organizations for almost 20 years.

He is a veteran at first getting a clear understanding of the organizations he recruits for which includes their history, current state and future goals and objectives.  Understanding the real story about their culture, team dynamics, perceptions in the marketplace, (which isn’t always positive), to be in a position to share that information and insight with prospective candidates is a key early piece of this process.  This insight is gleaned from discussions with the actual hiring authorities, not by simply taking a cookie cutter position description sent from the HR department.

The next key piece is having a comprehensive understanding of not only your experience, skill sets and market knowledge, but also a clear understanding of the types of things that are of interest to you in your career and the motivating factors that would compel you to consider a specific opportunity.  We are all very busy and as 99% of the folks we work with are gainfully employed, respected within their company, and are not actively looking, that is certainly the case.

However, there may be a specific set of circumstances or criteria for you, that once identified or located, would be an improvement over your current situation or employer.  This can be for any number of reasons; from logistics like too much travel, interest in working remotely or back in an office environment, potential for advancement and career development or potentially an interest to get involved with a emerging technology that isn’t available currently.  Additionally, nobody can accurately predict the future 100% of the time, so it makes sense to start a dialogue with an organization that is not going to take advantage of your information or waste your time.

Our approach is simply have you “explore” potential opportunities by conducting an initial telephone visit (usually 30 minutes or so) with the actual hiring authority to confirm if we have a potential match and that the organization and their respective opportunity do, in fact, align closely with your career goals and aspirations.  If at any point, you feel that they do not, we thank the client for their time and consideration and move on.  You will never be pressured to engage with interviews or even worse, accept an offer, unless you are 100% interested in doing so.  Our goal is to try to raise potential issues or questions early and often in the process with both the company and you as the candidate to do our best to eliminate as many surprises as possible.