Contract – Project Based

Looking for subject matter expertise outside of your core team?  Just closed a big deal with a client that wants to begin deployment asap?  Going through an integration/implementation project that should wrap up within the year?  These are some of the common scenarios where the use of specialized, contracted resources, may make sense.  We have developed a robust network of professionals throughout the US and Canada with years of ERP experience and are not only accustomed to jumping into highly critical, time sensitive projects, but relish the opportunity.  Within the world of ERP, many of the strongest folks in the channel that possess the most years of experience and the highest number of successful project deployments have opted to offer there services strictly on a contract or project by project basis.

The availability for each varies greatly depending on their current project workload.  Some are open to take on a full 40hr+ /work-weeks while others are available for 10-20hrs/week to augment their current workload.  The latter tend to be more focused on the development side and are quite proficient at working remotely.


We do provide the option of you asking the sub-contractors to join your organization as full time employees at any point during the project or engagement. While there are no guarantees that they will be interested, if so, we do help to facilitate a smooth negotiation process to make the conversion to a salaried employee and will also provide a reduction from our standard permanent placement service fee.

Contingency Permanent Placement

This is the “traditional” permanent placement recruiting process that is most common.  The basic premise is that there are no upfront fees or restrictions.  A service fee is only generated after a successful recruitment process has been completed and a new employee has joined your organization because of our introduction and presentation of that person on your open position.  You are not restricted in any way in the use of other recruiting organizations or your own Human Resources department.

Although there are no restrictions or upfront service fees required, that does not mean we do not provide a quality deliverable with this service option.  We still conduct a thorough vetting process with each candidate which includes screening interviews, written assessments and 4-6 professional reference interviews with written reports.  We also will work you to better position your organization and opportunities with potential candidates and share feedback we receive with you along the way.  In a sense, we are similar to an outsourced public relations organization for your organization by spreading the word about all of the positive attributes your organization has to offer.  Throughout the presentation and interview process, we debrief with the candidates after each interview and pass along any potential concerns they raise and provide you with insight on key factors of importance to each specific candidate.  Once we reach the offer stage, I work with you in constructing an offer that is fair and equitable for both the candidate and your organization and will eliminate much of the stress and challenges during the negotiation phase by acting as a conduit of information for both parties.

Exclusive Permanent Placement

This option is again for permanent placement /full-time hires as well, but provides a level of service much higher than a standard contingency model.

Most recruiters or recruiting organization will not admit this openly, but the industry rule of thumb with contingency search is to prioritize the searches that can be closed the fastest and for the highest service fee.  The closest to the money is the usual mantra that is coached in most recruiting organizations.  While this makes good business sense for the recruiting organizations on the surface, it does not provide organizations the level of dedicated service they need for the tougher assignments that may be more specialized or complex for any number of reasons.  Standard contingency searches are often referred to as the “cattle call” because they are often given out to a number of recruiters, those recruiters scramble to present the candidates they have immediately available (often-times the low hanging fruit) as quickly as possible and hope that one of them make the cut so they can move on to the next search assignment and repeat the process.  Ultimately, they throw enough candidates out to clients and eventually they luck into a couple of them sticking and they earn a service fee.

The issue is that this approach does not provide the customer with the dedicated approach necessary to target candidates specific to your position that are not actively looking.  I am referring to folks that are gainfully employed, well respected in the industry and by their manager and peers, and have no “compelling” reason to make a move.  This is because they are typically the top producers with their respective firms and don’t feel a need to make a change.  They don’t waste time on job boards or looking at competitor websites because they are busy being productive in their current role with their current employer.  This does not, however, mean that they will not make a change if a great opportunity is presented specifically to them.  Obviously, this needs to be in a non-threatening, non-telemarketing manner that is best accomplished by establishing those relationships long before this specific search assignment has commenced and establishing a rapport and level of trust and mutual respect between the recruiter and those professionals.

Our “Exclusive” option provides you with a dedicated search approach as we prioritize your search above all others.  This is not an unlimited timeframe on the exclusive arrangement; it is only for two months.  You will still have the opportunity to engage with alternative recruiting sources if we are not successful in filling your position within that two month timeframe.

However, we have not had a situation where we have not filled the position when granted this option within this timeframe yet.

We do not spend time with candidates that are actively looking and thus working with every other recruiter on every other opportunity; we will focus 100% of our efforts on attracting the interest of gainfully employed, top producers that have the specific skillsets and experience you are seeking.  This approach takes much more time and effort than traditional contingency, but because it is our top focus and priority, we will have a team of search consultants working as a team on your behalf to expedite the process and bring you qualified, interested candidates in a timely manner.

Additionally, we also provide a discount from our standard contingency search if granted this option.

Dedicated approach + Reduction in Service Fees = Exclusive Contingency Agreement