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Bob Scott reporting in his weekly Insights column.

CPA firm Wipfli says it has become the first U.S. channel organization to use Microsoft Dynamics for business process outsourcing in the United States. The Wipfli press release says that the BPO Platform was already offered in Europe. The firm says it has provided outsourced accounting services for decades—presumably via QuickBooks which is shown on its Top 100 VARS submission. The organization says it now will offer these and more services to mid-sized clients via the Dynamics platform. “Wipfli looks forward to working closely with Microsoft to provide cloud-based, outsourced accounting services to small and mid-sized businesses,” Jeff Greeneway, partner-in-charge of Wipfli’s consulting practice, said in a prepared statement. “Through these outsourced services built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, we can help our clients increase their productivity and profitability.” A statement from Microsoft general manager Paul White described the services as being delivered by a combination of SharePoint and Dynamics NAV. A quick search of the Microsoft website and a Google did not yield information on the BPO program, other than some references from 2012 that may not refer to the program started in Europe. Wipfli was No. 12 on Bob Scott’s Top 100 VAR for 2015 with $37 million in revenue. I’m going to assume that the BPO revenue won’t necessary fall into the same kettle as the ERP business. Some calls to make.