How Salesforce Works to Elevate Voices of Racial Equality

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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and diverse – it’s more important than ever to have a workplace that welcomes all. Salesforce is striving to create a workplace that reflects the diverse communities we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work.


Black History Month screens in our Salesforce lobbies highlighting Civil Rights heroes. 

During Black History Month and every month, we honor the voices of the Civil Rights Movement and of racial equality. This month empowered us with a greater understanding and deeper appreciation of the enduring contributions from Black and African-American leaders and visionaries — and of how they’ve shaped our global history, experience, and identity. Over 2,000 Salesforce employees joined BOLDforce, our employee resource group for our Black employees and allies, and attended the MLK march in 17 locations around the globe to stand united as one.

“It is really important for me to be a part of the MLK day here at Salesforce. This is our third year participating here in Atlanta, Georgia, and it’s really important to do it here in Atlanta, which is Dr. King’s birthplace. So long ago, he led the charge and empowered and inspired us all to carry on his legacy,” said Monica Bowie, BOLDforce Global president.

Here are some of the voices from visionaries we’ve had the honor of hosting on our stages — because we believe it is our responsibility to use our platform for change:

Congressman John Lewis on Action Leadership

“When I was 15 in 1955, I heard of Rosa Parks, I heard the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the radio, and of the involvement of hundreds and thousands of people in Montgomery. They inspired me to get into good trouble. Growing up, I didn’t like racial discrimination and racial segregation and I wanted to do something about it,” said Congressman John Lewis, Representative of the 5th Congressional District of Georgia at Dreamforce in 2017.