CRM platforms are core of US healthcare marketing

The US private healthcare industry represents one of the most diverse and sophisticated healthcare programs in the world. The sheer volume of information that providers must manage on a day to day business can fall outside the scope of many CRM platforms. Some healthcare CRM providers, however, have made this sector their own by developing sophisticated platforms configured specifically for both medical professionals and customer relationship teams.

Influence Health, for example, provides the industry with a CRM, a digital marketing system and a content management system. It has built what it calls a Consumer Experience Platform that enables organizations to create a digital consumer experience that can support essential brand awareness, affinity and loyalty.

The company already works with over 1,100 provider organizations across the country. One of its strengths has been to identify the essential requirement of maintaining an ongoing relationship in the successful provision of private care.

Freeman Health System recently bought into the Influence Health CRM philosophy. The nationally recognized health system comprises over 70 medical bbspecialities and 300 physicians.

“We recognized the need to consolidate and integrate our marketing systems for a more cohesive view of our consumer experience,” explains Elizabeth Syer, the director of marketing at Freeman Health System.

Syer says that Freeman has been working with Influence Health for over a year, and that the experts from Influence have been intimately involved in multiple aspects of its marketing efforts. “We trusted them to be our exclusive vendor,” she adds.

In addition to the Influence Health CRM, Freeman is making use of a wide range of other sales and marketing tools, including but not restricted to directory and listings management and unified lead management. An omni-channel digital experience such as this one is fast moving beyond a nice-to-have, becoming increasingly essential in the sale of private healthcare facilities. As in so many other sectors, customers are seeking a convenient, more personalized experience.

“By delivering relevant content at the right time in a buyer’s journey, Influence Health helps us achieve meaningful conversions with healthcare consumers,” says Syer.

Key Takeaways:

• Beyond technology solutions, Freeman is also drawing on Influence Health for strategic services, for example the optimization of its digital presence.

• Influence Health is able to work in a consultancy role, examining business objectives, reviewing analytics and conducting patient journey mapping.

• The end goal is to determine how visitors engage with a client’s website.