NetSuite SuiteWorld 2023: The Biggest News NetSuite Text Enhance Introduced

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NetSuite Text Enhance Introduced


NetSuite Text Enhance promises the ability to create and refine contextual and personalized content for finance, accounting, human resources, supply chain, operations, sales, marketing, customer support and other use cases.

Finance and accounting employees should have new ways to expedite collections, close books faster and accelerate writing tasks. Supply chain and operations employees can streamline purchasing and logistics while improving product-related communications. And HR employees can write job descriptions and requisitions faster, according to NetSuite.

For sales and marketing, Text Enhance promises more personalized email content for marketing campaigns and sales pitches. And customer support agents can respond to reviews and online commentary and create escalation notices for internal use, among other examples.

The AI-powered capability is supported by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)’s generative AI (GenAI) service and embedded across the suite, according to the vendor.

OCI leverages supercluster, which combines bare metal compute, Nvidia graphics processing units (GPUs) and the Oracle remote direct memory access (RDMA) network in the cloud.